The Tide is Turning

The tide is slowly turning from a buyer’s to a seller’s market.

We toured property that was new to the market this weekend, and it was under contract Sunday afternoon.  Plenty of inventory for sale, but the good ones are going quick.

Secure pre-approval for financing and make a game plan with your agent.

Dream homes are on the move.

A Dream Home Created

patricke&suzeWe are excited to see the results of this residential remodel in Boulder.

Folsom & Co. represented the buyers and worked diligently with the seller’s agent to make the purchase of this future dream home a reality.

Behind some extra walls and an outdated kitchen, Patrick and Suze found a great opportunity to turn this 70’s split level into a hip suburban hang out.

Way to go Patrick and Suze!

Never Too Young or Too Old

Opportunity exists around every corner, and the formula isn’t difficult.

Even in a strong market like Boulder, deals can still be found that can help you get ahead.

Take, for instance, the 14-year old girl from Florida who just purchased her first house.  To be fair she split the cost with her mother, but she’s quite adamant about buying her mom out and owning the house in her own name by the time she’s 18.  Who knows? Maybe she’ll own several houses by then!

Whether you are fourteen, or forty, now is a great time to get in the game!


Read more of this great story.

Hope for an Antiquated System

for sale signsWith a wealth of information at our very fingertips, a surprising question can emerge:  Are you prepared to buy a home?

Andrew Baird’s article in Policymic presents an interesting reality. He suggests that while society has moved to an online age, in many ways the real estate system has not.  For the generation used to going to the internet for everything from shopping to insurance, buying a house the “old fashioned way” could prove to be difficult.  He points out that

despite limited attempts to move the real estate industry into a digital age in the form of property search engines, it is still largely a pen and paper, face-to-face process. And that’s where the problems arise. Not that there is anything inherently bad about this retro situation . . . but it presents the modern online consumer with a daunting task that is unique in an environment of otherwise brief online transactional expectations.

What becomes clear is that the more prevalent information becomes, the more relevant expertise is.

While some believe that holding information is power, we believe that the open-ended availability of information to buyers and sellers creates a solid platform for us to do our best work.

Just because the system is antiquated does not mean your agent has to be.



Parking Changes Coming to Boulder

car steering wheel

Permit parking on University Hill will be expanded very soon.

The Boulder City Council agrees on the necessity of balancing the parking needs of visitors and residents according to this article by Heath Urie in the Daily Camera.

Look for the changes to take place in just a month!