Boulder Housing Market Looking Better All the Time

Mark SneadGood news!  Residential real estate in Boulder is on the upswing. We couldn’t agree with this article from the Boulder County Business Report more:  a few more available homes could really help our clients.

This is a great article with lots of great news, not the least of which is the positive commercial and residential development. Good news for potential home buyers and sellers as Chuck Bellock, president of the Community Development Group, predicts,


We’re having a sustained housing recovery that will influence all of you at some time in the coming months.

The residential real estate report is about halfway down the article under the heading “Continued residential seller’s market seen in Boulder valley and worth the read.

Buy or sell, it is going to be a wild ride this year. Buckle up and ride with Folsom & Co!

Boulder Destined for Development

walnut st updatesPearl St in downtown Boulder could look different in the near future. This week the city council voted in favor of letting an already-approved proposal stand. This proposal allows Karlin Real Estate to redevelop properties on Pearl St and Walnut St.

The decision was met with mixed emotions:

Some were in favor like Sean Maher, Downtown Boulder Inc., who said “tech companies are leaving Boulder for downtown Denver, and the city desperately needs more modern office space to keep its competitive edge.”

Others? Not so much.  “I’m that guy walking down Pearl Street shivering and wondering why it’s so cold and then realizing it’s that big building.” – Kent Young.

That’s the latest in Boulder development news. What do you think?

Read more in this article from the Daily Camera.

Parking Changes Coming to Boulder

car steering wheel

Permit parking on University Hill will be expanded very soon.

The Boulder City Council agrees on the necessity of balancing the parking needs of visitors and residents according to this article by Heath Urie in the Daily Camera.

Look for the changes to take place in just a month!