Student rentals in Boulder

Folsom & Co. has a long standing reputation for excellent brokerage service, but did you know that we also manage some of the nicest rental property in Boulder?

Check out what students are saying about renting from Folsom & Company!

Students Shocked To Learn They Can Buy Real Estate

CU Boulder Presidential classWe revitalized the “How to Rent and Buy in Boulder” presentation and presented to the Presidents Leadership Class – CU Boulder last week.

They thought we were crazy when we told them that as college students they could buy property.

They thought we were really crazy when we told them that people are already pre-leasing for Fall 2013.

First follow up meeting is booked. Glad we can help get everybody dialed in!

Why Pay the Man When You Can Be the Man?

narrow houseIt may not have occurred to you, but have you considered buying a condo for your child to rent while he’s in college?

Not only can you save money on campus housing or apartments, you may be eligible for a tax break or two! Find out more in this article, “Skip the Dorm, Buy Your Kid a Condo” published in Smart Money.

It has been a decade or two, but this philosophy worked for the team at Folsom & Co.

Why pay the man when you can be the man?