Boulder Properties on the Move

It is happening in Boulder.

We listed a great townhome for sale Tuesday afternoon and put it under contract today.

Lots of activity, quick negotiations. Properties are on the move!

If you are ready to buy or sell, we are here to help. With the market moving fast, it is important to select an agent and firm that you can trust to manage the chaos.

Boulder Property Just Listed

59 days soldJust listed: 4651 Chestnut Ln, Boulder

This property would be a great place to live, but the numbers work for it to be a solid rental property as well.

Contact us if you would like information on this opportunity.

That’s One Way To Move It

yi buyerWe recently helped buyers Mark and Kuang Yi buy an investment property in Westminster.

The sellers used the economical “rolloff dumpster moving company” to move most of their stuff.

Why move it when you can just toss it??!!

Good News for Sellers

The worst of the housing crash might be over for homeowners, according to a recent article in Smart Money. Home buyers and home sales are on the rise which is good news for sellers everywhere. In the last few months demand for homes has begun to rise above supply which naturally drives home prices upward. An encouraging sight for those of us interested in selling our homes.

For homeowners who’ve been holding off on selling until more favorable conditions kick in, that time might be now, some experts say. Buyers will need to prepare to compete against others for the limited inventory that’s up for grabs.

Why Pay the Man When You Can Be the Man?

narrow houseIt may not have occurred to you, but have you considered buying a condo for your child to rent while he’s in college?

Not only can you save money on campus housing or apartments, you may be eligible for a tax break or two! Find out more in this article, “Skip the Dorm, Buy Your Kid a Condo” published in Smart Money.

It has been a decade or two, but this philosophy worked for the team at Folsom & Co.

Why pay the man when you can be the man?

Largest Listing Under Contract

Golden Buff Site ConceptFolsom & Co. Real Estate is pleased to announce that our largest listing to date is now under contract.

We have been pleased to represent the Boeve family with the listing of their motel business.

We will continue working with them as the buyer’s development plans work their way through the City’s approval process which is expected to take 12-14 months and a closing sometime in mid 2013.

The Golden Buff Motel and the Buff Restaurant will both continue with business as usual during the contract period.

For more information on the proposed hotel sites, visit the full article in the Daily Camera.

Happy Homeowners Find Their Dream Home

andersonsToday we helped the Anderson family, long time friends of the Folsom & Co. team, close on their Westminster dream home.

What made it perfect?

Everything they needed and nothing they didn’t, perfect for a growing family.

Investment Properties Wanted in Boulder

We have a client that is interested in Boulder investment property.

Range is $250K-$600K.

If you are looking to move on or move up, contact us about this opportunity.

Don’t Let Fear Keep You Out of the Game

Warren Buffet says,

Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.

If fear is keeping you out of the real estate game, for a home or for an investment, consult a qualified real estate professional and make a plan.

Better to Buy Than To Rent

hidden houseAll signs are pointing to For Sale instead of For Rent signs these days for those looking for homes. According to a recent study done in the real estate market, it’s more cost effective to buy instead of rent right now. Why? In most cases you can get more home for the money if you choose to buy.

9NEWS experts went into the field to compare the buy vs. rent conundrum. And you know what they found? The study was right! You get more for your money when you buy.

Local realtors are quick to point out the trend as well:

All indicators are pointing to it is better to buy now. You get more square footage. You get more bedrooms in most cases, more bathrooms, you can just get more house for less money.

We agree, the good ones are starting to move.


Get further details on the 9NEWS study here.