Thank you for your interest in our properties.


Have you toured the property you are applying to rent? (Applications will only be accepted from groups who have toured the property with the Manager or Showing Assistant.)


Do you have your complete group ready to go? (Make sure everyone is on board with rent, utilities and parent approvals before you apply.)


Rental Application Fee:  A $50 rental application fee will be charged for each rental application however the fee is not collected until a lease is signed.  If you submit a rental application and decide not to move forward before a lease is signed or your groups applications are not accepted, it won't cost you anything.

Completing the Rental Application: Please keep the following in mind when completing the application and answering the questions: One of the things we value the most is honesty. The application asks questions about your rental history and police records. We understand that many people have some type of negative history (deductions from security deposits, bounced checks, tickets from the police) and this does not automatically eliminate applicants from consideration. However, when we do reference checks and find that the information provided on the application does not match a person's actual history; that will eliminate a group from further consideration. Therefore it is important that each applicant answers the questions on the application completely and accurately.