Student rentals in Boulder

Folsom & Co. has a long standing reputation for excellent brokerage service, but did you know that we also manage some of the nicest rental property in Boulder?

Check out what students are saying about renting from Folsom & Company!

Boulder Housing Market Looking Better All the Time

Mark SneadGood news!  Residential real estate in Boulder is on the upswing. We couldn’t agree with this article from the Boulder County Business Report more:  a few more available homes could really help our clients.

This is a great article with lots of great news, not the least of which is the positive commercial and residential development. Good news for potential home buyers and sellers as Chuck Bellock, president of the Community Development Group, predicts,


We’re having a sustained housing recovery that will influence all of you at some time in the coming months.

The residential real estate report is about halfway down the article under the heading “Continued residential seller’s market seen in Boulder valley and worth the read.

Buy or sell, it is going to be a wild ride this year. Buckle up and ride with Folsom & Co!

Students Shocked To Learn They Can Buy Real Estate

CU Boulder Presidential classWe revitalized the “How to Rent and Buy in Boulder” presentation and presented to the Presidents Leadership Class – CU Boulder last week.

They thought we were crazy when we told them that as college students they could buy property.

They thought we were really crazy when we told them that people are already pre-leasing for Fall 2013.

First follow up meeting is booked. Glad we can help get everybody dialed in!

The Folsom Formula

There is a lot to consider when choosing a real estate firm to assist you in your transaction.

We believe attention to detail and personal service set us apart from the rest. It is a formula that has worked since 1989.

Folsom & Co. President Clint Folsom explains in this video:

Sold in Under 60 Days

59 days soldJust Sold!

Folsom & Co. is excited to have represented the seller for this transaction. Lots of inquiry on this town home lead to a closed deal in 59 days.

There are plenty of buyers out there right now. If you are looking to sell, drop us a line!

Great News for Sellers

home for saleRecent market activity shows that there aren’t enough sellers to go around. But there are plenty of buyers! If you’re a potential buyer, don’t be surprised if there are multiple offers on a property you’re interested in, says Steve Cook in his article for Real Estate Economy Watch.

Here’s what some realtors are saying about today’s market:

Believe it or not we are experiencing a trend toward multiple offers even in this still difficult market and there is evidence that this trend will continue as buyers compete in a market with limited inventory.

And if you’re a seller? This is great to see. And what’s more, it is happening in and around Boulder.

Let’s sell your house!



Boulder Properties on the Move

It is happening in Boulder.

We listed a great townhome for sale Tuesday afternoon and put it under contract today.

Lots of activity, quick negotiations. Properties are on the move!

If you are ready to buy or sell, we are here to help. With the market moving fast, it is important to select an agent and firm that you can trust to manage the chaos.

Boulder Property Just Listed

59 days soldJust listed: 4651 Chestnut Ln, Boulder

This property would be a great place to live, but the numbers work for it to be a solid rental property as well.

Contact us if you would like information on this opportunity.

Largest Listing Under Contract

Golden Buff Site ConceptFolsom & Co. Real Estate is pleased to announce that our largest listing to date is now under contract.

We have been pleased to represent the Boeve family with the listing of their motel business.

We will continue working with them as the buyer’s development plans work their way through the City’s approval process which is expected to take 12-14 months and a closing sometime in mid 2013.

The Golden Buff Motel and the Buff Restaurant will both continue with business as usual during the contract period.

For more information on the proposed hotel sites, visit the full article in the Daily Camera.

Investment Properties Wanted in Boulder

We have a client that is interested in Boulder investment property.

Range is $250K-$600K.

If you are looking to move on or move up, contact us about this opportunity.

A Dream Home Created

patricke&suzeWe are excited to see the results of this residential remodel in Boulder.

Folsom & Co. represented the buyers and worked diligently with the seller’s agent to make the purchase of this future dream home a reality.

Behind some extra walls and an outdated kitchen, Patrick and Suze found a great opportunity to turn this 70’s split level into a hip suburban hang out.

Way to go Patrick and Suze!

Never Too Young or Too Old

Opportunity exists around every corner, and the formula isn’t difficult.

Even in a strong market like Boulder, deals can still be found that can help you get ahead.

Take, for instance, the 14-year old girl from Florida who just purchased her first house.  To be fair she split the cost with her mother, but she’s quite adamant about buying her mom out and owning the house in her own name by the time she’s 18.  Who knows? Maybe she’ll own several houses by then!

Whether you are fourteen, or forty, now is a great time to get in the game!


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