How We Truly View Our Clients

rebecca riskin - real estate agentWe’re not interested in “entertaining you at our club” or taking on hundreds of listings a month. We’re more inclined to agree with Ms. Duffy’s attitude shared in this article by Robbie Whelan in the Wall Street Journal that

every client is a “prized client.”

We want to offer you the best service around and earn the trust that allows you to recommend us to your friends and family.  At Folsom & Co, “#1” isn’t measured financially.

Good Signs for the Housing Market

high-end home salesThe high-end home market is on the rise, says John Mossman in his Denver Post article, “Luxury home market in the Denver metro area on the rise.”  With mortgage rates decreasing and home sales rising, the market is looking considerably better than the last couple years.

Prospective home buyers and sellers could use a few encouraging words after the last several years. John Brimberry of Vectra Bank Colorado shares a few:

There’s a lot of liquidity in the market and improved confidence, so a lot of people who’ve been sitting on the sideline can now sell their home or buy a nicer one.

The signs continue to be good around the Denver/Boulder area.



allenspark cabinJust Sold: 1708 Ski Road, Allenspark!

Record high price, cash deal, 20 days to closing! This was a very unique and challenging listing for us. Rustic cabin with no utilities, located inside the National Forest on U.S. Forest Service land.

Bet you didn’t know that you could OWN a cabin inside of a National Forest!!?? In fact, these recreational use cabins are very common all across the U.S.

That’s One Way To Move It

yi buyerWe recently helped buyers Mark and Kuang Yi buy an investment property in Westminster.

The sellers used the economical “rolloff dumpster moving company” to move most of their stuff.

Why move it when you can just toss it??!!

Good News for Sellers

The worst of the housing crash might be over for homeowners, according to a recent article in Smart Money. Home buyers and home sales are on the rise which is good news for sellers everywhere. In the last few months demand for homes has begun to rise above supply which naturally drives home prices upward. An encouraging sight for those of us interested in selling our homes.

For homeowners who’ve been holding off on selling until more favorable conditions kick in, that time might be now, some experts say. Buyers will need to prepare to compete against others for the limited inventory that’s up for grabs.

Why Pay the Man When You Can Be the Man?

narrow houseIt may not have occurred to you, but have you considered buying a condo for your child to rent while he’s in college?

Not only can you save money on campus housing or apartments, you may be eligible for a tax break or two! Find out more in this article, “Skip the Dorm, Buy Your Kid a Condo” published in Smart Money.

It has been a decade or two, but this philosophy worked for the team at Folsom & Co.

Why pay the man when you can be the man?

Happy Homeowners Find Their Dream Home

andersonsToday we helped the Anderson family, long time friends of the Folsom & Co. team, close on their Westminster dream home.

What made it perfect?

Everything they needed and nothing they didn’t, perfect for a growing family.

The Tide is Turning

The tide is slowly turning from a buyer’s to a seller’s market.

We toured property that was new to the market this weekend, and it was under contract Sunday afternoon.  Plenty of inventory for sale, but the good ones are going quick.

Secure pre-approval for financing and make a game plan with your agent.

Dream homes are on the move.

Hope for an Antiquated System

for sale signsWith a wealth of information at our very fingertips, a surprising question can emerge:  Are you prepared to buy a home?

Andrew Baird’s article in Policymic presents an interesting reality. He suggests that while society has moved to an online age, in many ways the real estate system has not.  For the generation used to going to the internet for everything from shopping to insurance, buying a house the “old fashioned way” could prove to be difficult.  He points out that

despite limited attempts to move the real estate industry into a digital age in the form of property search engines, it is still largely a pen and paper, face-to-face process. And that’s where the problems arise. Not that there is anything inherently bad about this retro situation . . . but it presents the modern online consumer with a daunting task that is unique in an environment of otherwise brief online transactional expectations.

What becomes clear is that the more prevalent information becomes, the more relevant expertise is.

While some believe that holding information is power, we believe that the open-ended availability of information to buyers and sellers creates a solid platform for us to do our best work.

Just because the system is antiquated does not mean your agent has to be.