IMPORTANT COVID information for our rental property tenants

August 28, 2020

Dear Residents,

We hope you are enjoying your rental home and the start of the fall semester is off to a good start despite the difficult circumstances.  By now you’ve probably received notifications such as this one from CU regarding the need to observe various COVID related protocols and consequences for violations of these protocols to keep yourself and others safe and ultimately to help keep the campus open for the current, limited operations.  As an owner / operator of licensed rental properties in Boulder, we’ve also received various notifications from City and County regarding COVID concerns.  Here’s a summary:

Nuisance Abatement Law

Boulder’s nuisance abatement law is intended to curtail recurring code violations that can result in public nuisances which threaten the peace and safety of neighboring residents.  Pursuant to City of Boulder Emergency Order 2020‐19, public nuisances now include any violation of public health orders. Property owners whose tenants exhibit repeat and/or flagrant public health order violations will be subject to a nuisance abatement action and may be subject to fines, injunction, revocation of their rental license, or other penalties.

Public Health Requirements

Current public health orders from Colorado Governor Polis require that any gathering with nonhousehold members must be limited to 10 people or fewer unless the Safer at Home Order expressly permits the gathering.

Over this past summer one of our houses on 15th Street received a Notice of Violation – Public Nuisance.  This violation was the result of a neighbor complaint from a very small gathering that would have normally not been a concern.  However, these are not normal times and there are lots of eyes on student renters and your actions right now.  We realize that with most activities being cancelled, private homes offer one of the few opportunities for gatherings.  Unfortunately, the current Public Health order as noted above restrict gatherings of 10 or more and you risk serious consequences violating this order.  Best advice is to keep any gatherings very small and avoid situations that will risk serious consequences from the City and/or CU.

Stay Safe,


Clint Folsom

Property Manager